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FoxyGirl 32 y/o Female, Redwood Park SA always looking to improve on what I have Leonardo Da Vinci was astonished how the human body was wonderfully symmetrical and beautiful. he was of course, right, and that is why up to this day

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belle1 34 y/o Female, Ballarat VIC Sweet and Single mum of 2. Hi all. I'm a single mum with 2 young beautiful kids at home. I get to go out every second weekend but I'm finding it very hard to meet a nice guy w

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Candy 42 y/o Female, Cronulla NSW I have lots to offer, what about you? This is my second time on a dating site and I hope it turns out better than the first. I'm a professional musician (classical) and I travel around th

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Kazz 43 y/o Female, Mildura NSW Mildura Mum I live in Mildura and work full time in the medical industry. The people are really lovely here but finding that "special" man has been a real challe

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gold 48 y/o Female, Ballarat VIC Ballarat Gold I've lived in Ballarat for over half my life and I couldn't see myself living any where else. I love the climate, I love the town, I love the people

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SkyBird 45 y/o Female, Mildura NSW Full Time Mum With 2 children at home under the age of 12 and an ex husband who is incapable of being a dad, it is very difficult to get out and meet new people. I

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righteye07 39 y/o Female, Darlinghurst NSW looking to share Hi! I am single, Intelligent, attractive, good sense of humor, down to earth, very ambitious and easy going. I enjoy travel,Great personality with a h

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Bridget22 33 y/o Female, Underwood QLD Oueensland Girl,IN PURPLE . NOT 22YEARS! Fun loving. Love people who are honest, trustworthy and that can make me laugh. I love travelling overseas and shopping. I hate players and and peopl

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Gloria 61 y/o Female, Canberra ACT Looking for enlightenment Hi thanks for taking the time to read my profile! I enjoy yoga, meditating and volunteer work in my spare time. I like to potter about the kitchen an

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dino 37 y/o Female, Wollongong NSW Sexy romantic woman seeking the same in a man. Wanted: A man who is looking for a long term relationship and isn't scared to say so. There, I've said it! Looking for a guy no older than 35 who

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