Happy blonde full of romance and fun.

Ive been divorced for 2 years now and I would like to settle down in a serious relationship with a guy (35 - 45) who likes kids (I have a 5 & a 7 year old) and is looking for a long term lover with no excess baggage.

My personality

I seem to enjoy taking chances. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt.

My interests

Horse riding, motorbikes, dress designing, camping.

More about Zoe...

  • Body Type I consider myself slim.
  • Height I am about 160cm tall
  • Eye Colour My eyes are brown.
  • Hair Colour My hair is blonde.
  • Ethnicity I am mostly Caucasian.
  • Marital Status I am divorced.
  • Children I have kids (at home part time).
  • Cluckiness I don't want (more) children.
  • Education I've studied up to high school level.
  • Employment I work part-time.
  • Field of Work I work in hospitality / travel.
  • Income Level
  • Smoker? I smoke daily.
  • Drinker? I drink socially.
  • Religion I'm Catholic.
  • Attendance I don't attend, full stop.
  • Political? I am left of centre.

Zoe 41 y/o Female, Summer Hill NSW

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