Just want to be the life of the party..

I have often been called the life of the party, why I have no ideas except that when I go out I do so to enjoy myself and not to dwell too much in the past, rather look forward to the future time with maybe YOU. I go to nightclubs a lot although not really into the boom bang boom sort of music, but looking for a quieter sort of life now as I have been working too hard lately & need to relax and perhaps spend lots more time in the garden, but I figure that with the problems we have with water now I am convincing myself I am doing the right thing by not planting more.

My personality

I am loud. Love to be the life of the party, I am the joker.

My interests

I am a beach bum during the warm months, which living close to BONDI gives me every chance to get there after work. Roll on daylight savings.

More about Malcolm...

  • Body Type I consider myself athletic.
  • Height I am about 185cm tall
  • Eye Colour My eyes are brown.
  • Hair Colour My hair is grey.
  • Ethnicity I am mostly Caucasian.
  • Marital Status I am single.
  • Children I don't have kids.
  • Cluckiness I don't know if I want (more) children.
  • Education I've studied up to high school level.
  • Employment I work full-time.
  • Field of Work I work in banking / financial svcs / real estate.
  • Income Level I earn umm ...I'll tell you later.
  • Smoker? I smoke daily.
  • Drinker? I drink occasionally.
  • Religion I'm umm ...I'll tell you later.
  • Attendance I umm... I'll tell you later.
  • Political? I am umm... I'll tell you later.

Malcolm 64 y/o Male, Rosebery NSW

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