Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need another dating site? We Don't.

What's different about dLook Dating? Other dating sites let you post a FREE profile and then charge others to contact you. Consequently emails received by singles are never really in proportion to the interest which your profile receives. dLook Dating charges you $25 per month incl gst to post your profile and allows people to email you at NO CHARGE. Hence our jingle 'You only pay to display'

Does dLook Dating have an introductory SPECIAL? As a matter of fact we do. dLook Dating is offering your first month for just $1. No catches or contracts.

How much does it cost to register? Nothing.

How do I pay to post a dLook Dating Profile? On line by Visa or Mastercard via our secure server.

If I cancel my profile halfway through the month do I receive a refund for my unused time? No.

Are my credit card details safe? dLook Dating uses the most secure form of payment gateway possible. This is the same system used by all the major banks.

Will my personal details remain safe and private? Absolutely.

Will I receive junk mail from dLook Dating? Every 2 to 4 weeks you will receive a dLook Dating newsletter which may also contain special offers from businesses listed in the business directory. These offers are meant not only to save you money, but also to encourage you to spend some. It kind of helps you and us keep our jobs.

Who owns dLook Dating? dLook Dating is owned by DLook Pty Ltd, an all Australian company which also owns, Australia's Smartest Internet Business Directory.

If I leave dLook Dating and unsubscribe, will I hear from you again? No.

Can we still be friends? We'll see.

OK I have to ask. Who thought of dLook Dating? Well, you did, by complaining about how much you had to pay to contact that special guy or girl with the right profile. Now you can do it at no charge.

How do you know you are contacting a real person on a dating site? You Don't! That's why bills the person placing a profile. Extensive research has proven that people are far less likely to lie or scam if they have to supply their credit card details. The fact that dLook Dating only accepts profiles with credit card payments also discourages people in permanent relationships from having an "unexplained" charge on their credit card which they may have to justify to their partner.

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